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6 Signs That You Are a Workaholic
Do you work to live or do you live to work?

Workaholics are in reality not more likely to achieve success. They are in actuality much more likely to reach burn-out status before that happens. So before you reach that point, check yourself if you fit the following descriptions:

1. You work evenings and week-ends in addition to your regular work hours. Determine what impact these extra hours are having on your family life, and decide whether it is really worthwhile for you to be missing out on family and friends.

2. You seldom take vacation and when you do, you work. Everyone needs some time off to recuperate and refresh their mind.

3. Your thoughts are consumed with work. You can't make it through a school play, or an evening out with friends without checking your email, voicemail or blackberry.

4. You are missing out on the lives of your family and friends. Do you know the name of your child's much-loved teddy-bear, or your spouse's favourite book or television show?

5. You don't have any time to relax. When was the last time you took a bubble bath, read a book, or went to a movie? Without taking time for yourself on a regular basis, all you are sure to achieve is burn-out.

6. Relaxing stresses you out. When you do decide to read a book, or see a movie, you find you can't relax because you feel that you should be working.